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Винтовые насосы, ротационные насосы, системы дозирова-
ния, установки опоражнивания емкостей, измельчители


Ярмарка 23 Aug – 26 Aug 2016



Ярмарка 25 Oct – 27 Oct 2016

Energia 2016


Ярмарка 29 Nov – 02 Dec 2016




Energy Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 successfully implemented at NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH

01 Jul 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Измельчение и Диспергирование

NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH, with facilities in Bobingen and Hanau, is the first company of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing within the NETZSCH Group to implement an energy management system pursuant to DIN EN 50001:2011.Далее…

It depends on the properties!

14 Jun 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Измельчение и Диспергирование

Powders play an important role as raw materials or intermediate products in the manufacture of many everyday products, whether, for example, in plastics, ceramics, detergents, batteries or printing inks. Далее…

Questions on Polymer Analysis? Meet the Experts@NETZSCH has the Answers

02 Jun 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Анализ и Тестирование

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone handy every time you have a tricky question regarding your material characterization? During this live event you will have this opportunity. This July sees the start of a new NETZSCH webinar format called Meet the Experts@NETZSCH.Далее…

Protection from Impurities and Bacteria

19 May 2016 Press Release - NETZSCH Измельчение и Диспергирование

NETZSCH Confectionery stands for safety in the production process thanks to closed CIP-capable systemsДалее…